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Designed for retailers

We are a manufacturer working exclusively in Europe, UK, Asia, Middle East, South America, Canada, Japan and Central Asia. We design and sell some of the world’s best furniture with a deep understanding of what works and lasts the test of time for retailers and projects worldwide. 

Industrial Designer


As a furniture retailer for over 25 years Anthony Spon-Smith has a deep passion for the art. He designs furniture for retailers with the deep knowledge of what works coupled with the sourcing, manufacturing and design experience of how it is produced. Inquire below if you are a furniture retailer. 


Having run manufacturing facilities before Anthony Spon-Smith has the experience to know what distributors and wholesalers need in their respective markets. Exclusivity, quality, style and the appropriate value to enabable Wholesalers & Distributors to create sustainable business relations. If you are a furniture distributor inquire below. 

Steffi Coffee Table-Front.png


Emrik is focused on supplying exclusively the markets of Europe, UK, Eastern Block, South America, Middle East, Asia, Japan, Canada, and Central Asia. Should you require any further information for your region please contact us below. 

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